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Finding Silence| The Chain Theatre


The Last Five Years Cabaret| Hit Production co. 


Middletown| HB Studio

Mary Swanson

What We’re Up Against | HB Studio



Stupid Fucking Bird| HB Studio


Proof| HB Studio


Three Sisters | HB Studio

A Doll’s House| HB Studio


Sing Out: Sondheim Revue | AfterWork Theatre


Oklahoma!| UCLA

Aunt Eller

Our Town| UCLA

Mrs. Gibbs

Fiddler on the Roof| UCLA


I'm fully vaccinated, double boosted, and seeking stage, screen, voiceover, and comedy projects!

Height: 5”5

Hair Color: Brunette

Eyes Color: Hazel


Location: Brooklyn, NY

More about Me

Special Skills

Dialects (American Southern, Slavic, British RP, Cockney, Irish, Scottish, Hassidic/Yiddish), Conversational Hebrew, Piano, Medical Clowning, Singing (Alto), Standup Comedy, Sketch Comedy writing.


Fat of the Land 

Dir. Lee Wilkof

Dir. David Mandelbaum

The Dybbuk

Dir. Michael Ford

The DMV One

Behind The Cereal — "Ep. 4: Once Bitten”

Dir. Ari Rossen

Education and Training

HB Studio, Hagen Core Training (2021)

Scene Study Movement| Paul Pryce

Movement| Ben Mehl, Mitch Uranowitz
Voice| Ilse Pfeifer
Speech| Joy Coronel
Alexander Technique| Marth Bernard

Acting Technique| Pablo Andrade

Script Analysis| Carol Goodhear

Shakespeare| Jackson Moran

Dialects Coaching| Amanda Quaid

UCLA, BA Theatre (2016)

Gary Gardner, William Hickman, Tom Orth, Brynn Shiovitz

Second City, Hollywood

Dialects and Character Voices| Cooper Shaw

Comedy Cellar, NYC

Standup Comedy Writing and Performance| Rick Crom

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